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Palmer's Bar, Minneapolis
Palmer's Bar, 5th & Cedar, Mpls
whilst traveling with [ profile] dreamshark and Richard to a Fringe show, 8/2/08

This was taken in the early evening with the spotlights on, giving an ethereal effect. I don't recall ever going in Palmer's Bar but it's been a West Bank institution for as long as I can remember.

The bar is between the Bedlam Theater, functioning as Fringe Central for the 2008 Minnesota Fringe Festival, and the venues at the U of M's Rarig Center. [ profile] dreamshark and Richard were cycling, but we "joined forces" and passed by.

Palmer's is the Northernmost establishment on the block. All the buildings on that side of Cedar between 5th and 6th are connected (and presumably share a common basement). As I was taking a different route between Bedlam and the U, on the 6th St. side of Cedar I passed by

mural at 6th & Cedar, Minneapolis
Sgt. Pepper mural at approximately 6th & Cedar, Mpls
whilst taking a different route to a Fringe show, 8/4/08

Aside: The guy on the lower right was carrying his severely damaged bicycle to the Hub. We had talked briefly closer to Bedlam, but by this time it was clear where he was going and that a hand would be helpful. I carried his tires to the corner, then bid him adieu. He's a Fringer, and we may meet, and he may tell me the story of how the damage occurred.

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Date: 2008-08-06 08:17 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Palmer's is where you can get a Guinness at 8:00 in the morning! (If, you know, a guy needed such a thing.)

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Date: 2008-08-06 09:16 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
When I was considering moving to the Twin Cities, my friend took me to Palmers to see the local color. Utah Phillips was there knocking back a doesn't seem that long ago.

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