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barondave ([personal profile] barondave) wrote2009-05-01 01:54 pm

Dreamwidth, come here, I want you


My second post. Still feeling my way around. Can't seem to upload userpics and it's not terribly easy to find my own journal. DW has the same annoying navigation as LJ: to find someone using the field in the upper right, the default pull-down menu option is "Interest". I have never searched by interest. I've clicked on the interest in my profile, but I've never used the field. The default should be the only one I ever use: Site and account.

And I don't like the pink default color scheme, but didn't like the other standard ones. Either I'll live with it, or learn how to use the customizing features.

Hmm... cranky this afternoon. The weekend should be better, with MN-StF and the May Day Parade.

An extra hmm... I think I'll check the "Crosspost this Entry" box to see what happens.
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I think there will be more color schemes coming. And I agree about "Interest." Hmm. Maybe I'll get around to suggesting they consider changing that. (I say "consider" because for all I know, maybe you and I are the only two who don't use it...?)