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A while back, on Facebook, I got into a discussiion about sex crimes and disgusting viewpoints. I had been keeping tabs on pervs in the news since the spring, both Republican and Democratic mentions. Not particularly comprehensive, and several stories were mentioned more than once.

One of those "everybody does it" apologists for the Republican party chimed up saying one party was as bad as the other. Not so, I claimed, and Andre G. said, okay, let's compare lists.

Finally, here is said list, put into handy chart form, with redundancies cleaned up and slightly updated from our original conversation. These aren't in chronological order, but all are within the last six or eight months.

And to make the comparisons more visually striking, I added cites from the bottom of the table. This makes the comparison by party more dramatic.

I have yet to see the other guy's list, but at least mine is now out there.actual chart under a cut to make it easier for some of you to ignore )
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Hi. A post for Dreamwidth and not LJ.

I have a paid subscription, which will run out in a week or so. The question is... should I continue on Dreamwidth? If I just let the sub lapse, I'll still have an account, but none of the perks of a paid membership, whatever they are.

This is the first time I've logged into DW in months. It is, at best, redundant with LJ, and I've seen no posts that weren't also there. I have far fewer DW Friends than LJ (which looks even worse compared to FB), so some of this is simply my lack of interest in expanding my participation here.

So... all you die-hard DWers: Has it been worth it? Do you think it might be worth it for me? What have you uniquely gotten from DW?

And if you only read DW posts on LJ and don't see this, that counts as a disrecommendation.


Jul. 23rd, 2009 10:32 pm
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Just came back from seeing Ella at the Guthrie with Johanna. Tina Fabrique is Ella Fitzgerald, and she's on stage during the whole performance. She originated the role, several years ago, and is quite comfortable in it.

Technically, this was Final Dress, with Opening Night tomorrow (Fri 7/24). I don't know what, if any, difference that makes, but it might make some. Certainly the beginning was only okay. The events take place during one concert in Nice, though there are many flashbacks. In the beginning, Fabrique was doing a good Ella Fitzgerald impression. Then, about 2/3 of the way through "You'll Have To Swing It (Mr. Paganini)", she SNAPS into High Gear, and remains astonishingly good, even improving, until the end. She really belts it out and gets into the scat singing.

The band is smokin'. All the musicians are great, though the trumpeter has the largest part and runs with it. The manager(s) plays a small but pivotal role.

I went for the music, but the book is quite affecting. The songs are best when played all the way through, and Fabrique is at her best when the music flows through her.

Highly recommended, and a dangerous way to start the Fringe Festival. Oh, the standards will be high...
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Sonny & Cher & Chastity

Remember the Sonny and Cher Show? Maybe just the Sonny Show or the Cher Show, or when they got back together? A fixture was their daughter, Chastity. She came out as a lesbian many decades ago.

Now, Chaz Bono is going to be a man.

I wish her well on her life's journey and all that, but a little bit of my formative years have just receded a tad farther in the past.
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Not especially work safe, but you should really watch this sometime. Thanks to cousin Jenny.

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Reminder: The Club showing (with party afterward) of 800 Words: The Transmigration of Philip K. Dick is tonight at 8pm. Playwrights Center, 2301 Franklin Ave. E (near the U, right off 94). They presented an excerpt at Opening Ceremonies at Minicon.

If you miss tonight, it will be performed a few more times until Sunday 6/7, but tonight will be jam packed (we hope) with MN-StFers and MISFITSians.
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Hello? Hello?

With very few exceptions, all the posts I see are either DW help communities or crossposted to a much more active LiveJournal. While I didn't expect DW to go all Facebook viral, I did see enough interest expressed to make me think it was a viable alternative to LJ. And yet, that hasn't happened. It's been a month, and I still have an invite code that no one wants.

So... is anybody reading this? How has your experience on Dreamwidth been different than that of LiveJournal? Would you still recommend DW over LJ? If so, why?
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(Yes, I'm going to link to Facebook from an entry that's crossposted from Dreamwidth to LiveJournal. Just be happy I'm not Twiting about the irony.)

The second round of May Day Parade & Festival Pictures are online. Full gallery much later.
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I've managed to import everything from LJ to Dreamwidth. Now, to see if I can crosspost. If you're reading this on LJ, it succeeded. To my pleasure, my LJ scrapbook photos imported, and most of my pictures are stashed on my site, so for the nonce everything seems to work.

Still not all that convinced DW is more than LJ Lite, but what the heck.

Edited to add Okay, try #3. If this works, thank [personal profile] aedifica.
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My crossposting-fu is incomplete, so LJ gets its own announcement.

I'm starting to post May Day pictures on Facebook. Only a few up at the moment, but I'll be adding to this gallery, and others as need be. I took altogether too many pictures, but a full gallery on my site will (eventually) have more pics, with greater annotation. But you knew that.
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A subset of the photos I took Sunday in and around the May Day Parade are up on my Facebook gallery. Only 20 so far; I'll be adding to this gallery and will probably slop over into another.

A further subset of the photos will be posted on LJ, with greater commentary, since DW doesn't have a scrapbook. But not immediately.
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I have one or two Dreamwidth invite codes which I'll be happy to share. First come, first served. Please include an e-mail address or your request doesn't count. Comments screened.

Update Offer closed, until DW does something different. Let me know if they go through. I didn't have enough for all requests, sorry.
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My second post. Still feeling my way around. Can't seem to upload userpics and it's not terribly easy to find my own journal. DW has the same annoying navigation as LJ: to find someone using the field in the upper right, the default pull-down menu option is "Interest". I have never searched by interest. I've clicked on the interest in my profile, but I've never used the field. The default should be the only one I ever use: Site and account.

And I don't like the pink default color scheme, but didn't like the other standard ones. Either I'll live with it, or learn how to use the customizing features.

Hmm... cranky this afternoon. The weekend should be better, with MN-StF and the May Day Parade.

An extra hmm... I think I'll check the "Crosspost this Entry" box to see what happens.
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I'm on Dreamwidth as barondave. Thanks, [ profile] ckd. Why I'm there, I don't know. Perhaps you'll tell me.

LiveJournal will remain my apa of choice.

I have this mad desire to fire up a 300 baud modem and log on to a BBS. Or do a zine in hecto...

I'm here

Apr. 30th, 2009 11:08 pm
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Well, I took the plunge. What this means, I have no idea.

At the moment, my major blog remains Impressions, my LiveJournal and I sling brief comments and post pictures on my Facebook account, though my own website is one of the oldest websites in the world.

So... hello. Or something.
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If you like South Park, you may like parts of Hamlet 2. Dreadful, absolutely dreadful. I barely made it to the end. A no-talent drama teacher in a low-budget high school in Tuscon works for gas money. All of a sudden, the school cancels all other electives and the class has an influx of new students who don't care about drama. He can't deal.

Really, it's a pretty bad movie. But it has nuggets of fun stuff. Mostly, the actual play itself. Somewhat to my surprise, the little snippets of Hamlet 2, and the audience reaction, almost rescue the movie. Almost. You have to wallow through an hour of profanity, stupid plotlines and predictable set-ups before you get to the main event.

I've never heard of most of the actors, and could live without ever hearing of them again. The "device" to have a sequel to a movie where everyone dies at the end is... a time machine. Plus Jesus, telling Hamlet he has to forgive his father. The light saber duel between Hamlet and Laertes is pretty good. I don't feel remotely guilty about these mild spoilers. If you liked the two songs from the play, "Raped In The Face" (really) and "Rock Me Sexy Jesus" (which works), you can sing along with one of the extras.

Elizabeth Shue is terrific. She plays Elizabeth Shue, who has given up acting to be a nurse.

Without the play, I would give Hamlet 2 one star. With the play (and the fun extras), it has worked it's way up to two stars (out of Netflix' 5). If you're into self-destructive humor, don't like Tuscon or like to talk over bad movies, this is for you. Everyone else should either run for the hills or only catch the last half hour.
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Edgar Mueller is a conceptual artist I'd like to meet sometime. Click through to the images to see how streets become icy chasms and pits of molten lava. I haven't explored the whole site yet, but wanted to pass it on.
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My brother Joe, the physicist, will be on 60 Minutes this evening to discuss clean coal -- or lack thereof re solutions to climate change and which ones should be pursued and which should be avoided as making the problem worse.

He doesn't know which parts of his pre-filmed interview will be used, but it should be good. Some in my Trivia group watch 60 Minutes, and I might have some bragging rights...
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Dollhouse finally had an episode that worked it's way up to good in my estimation. The major problem with the show is that it hasn't figured out whether to be about the adventures of the Dolls, the adventures of the Dollhouse or some sort of crime show where they Dollhouse is the central mystery. Last night's show had a Doll with the persona of a newly dead person, and she went to her own funeral to try to solve the murder. Meanwhile, the Dollhouse geek had Big Bang Theory fun with a Doll (which didn't make much sense, given the security and controls, but was mildly explained internally and amusing to watch) and the crime show aspect advanced a little.

I'm still not going to recommend Dollhouse until the shows are good with some degree of consistency. Still, I no longer hope for it's swift cancellation.

The Unusuals takes the time slot of the late unlamented Life On Mars and also takes much of its predecessor's goofy yet violent charm. Set at a police station, most of the characters are detectives with some sort of odd quirk, which range from being rich to being a murderer. Many familiar faces pop up, notably Amber Tamblyn (Joan of Arcadia). Life On Mars had some interesting and intense drama but was clearly not going anywhere and the basic premise petered out very fast. The Unusuals is still feeling its way around, but in the right way: Start off with characters and good writing and let the situations develop.

I'm not going to recommend a series after only three episodes, but I'm enjoying The Unusuals a lot more than Life On Mars, and might be worth watching a few shows just to get up to speed on the characters before longer story arcs come into play.
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Part I here

Click on picture for larger picture.

Hand mural Hand mural
In an alley half a block from Main Street is this mural, which no other explanation. I like the concept, the odd hands away from the group at the top, and the pink feet at bottom right. River Falls, 4/22/09
Downtown Sculpture Downtown Sculpture
The other side of the riverwalk, facing Main Street, with some memorial bricks at the base. River Falls, WI 4/22/09
Brickhouse Music guitar selection Brickhouse Music guitar selection
Every town of 10,000 should have a good music store. Here, one of the clerks at Brickhouse Music poses in front of the electric guitars. The acoustic selection is in another room. River Falls, WI 4/22/09
River Falls Rainbow River Falls Rainbow
Walking around, the weather was great. Rain barely marred the day, and then ended with a gorgeous rainbow. I couldn't capture the whole arc, and pushed this a bit in Photoshop, but you get the idea. River Falls, WI 4/22/09